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I read my own stories out loud. Interested in everything related to psychedelics, mental health, and spirituality. Writer for ILLUMINATION.

A scientific insight into arguably the biggest debate surrounding the drug.

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When Matthew went to the local Stop & Shop that warm summer morning to buy a couple of avocadoes and a Doritos packet, he returned home only with the tortilla chips, completely forgetting about the other product he went to the supermarket for. The week after, for a couple of days in a row, Matthew kept completely forgetting his appointments with his friends, his girlfriend, and his dentist.

He had always considered himself a daydreamer, which sometimes, he said, was a problem, as he wasn’t really able to fully focus on his daily tasks. …

What we can learn from Boris' long journey for spiritual growth and how we can use and learn from his experience to nourish our own practice

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During the years I was in university, my understandings about the world and myself were totally erroneous. Often, a person’s late teens and early 20’s, is a period characterized by wild fluctuations in moral, political, social, and inner views of oneself and of the world. Individuals then, in most cases, tend to use these all too often mistakes in order for them to build a solid foundation of beliefs and views, which are then being used to guide each one along the way in the future.

However, as for me, the problem was that my views and beliefs back then…

How hallucinogens might be a better option than conventional treatments for anxiety and depression

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“I did my psilocybin trip and immediately afterward I was able to see my cancer in a box beside me on the floor instead of this black cloud hanging over me all the time.” That’s what Laurie Brooks said in a 2020 interview for CBC Canada, a year after her colon cancer returned again. For Brooks and three other Canadian patients, which had been prior diagnosed with terminal illnesses, psilocybin was probably the only left option for them to cure their followed anxiety and depression. …

Different research papers argue opposite things, however, they may have something in common

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My good friend Julian used to jog for 7 miles every single day. Back when I was working in the States, he used to be a bartender at a renowned local restaurant during the night — that left him with a lot of free time during the day.

He would wake up at 9 am, stretch, meditate, and either go jogging on the beach or riding his bicycle for 2 hours without stopping. …

A recently published UK-based research suggests that the effects of micro-dosing on LSD or psilocybin might just be an illusion

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Recently I conducted one of my longest interviews on psychedelics. I spoke extensively with a bloke named Brady Hartsfield about his recent experience with micro-dosing on LSD. Our conversation was mainly focused on the day-to-day benefits of the psychedelic and its positive (and negative) effects on one’s body and mind:

“The thing is that every person should weight in the risk and the reward, and the pros and cons. The mindset you go in with is extremely important.”

For the three weeks that Brady had been taking the LSD micro-doses he didn’t feel any major changes, apart from a slight…

An insight into how the hallucinogen alters one’s brain during a trip

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Magic Mushrooms and their active ingredient psilocybin have recently fallen under the radar of scholars and researchers — and no wonder. Psychedelics, in general, now seem to gradually enter the mainstream, as more and more celebrities are starting to reveal their encounters with mind-altering substances, such as LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and ayahuasca.

Scientists have also contributed to all of the fuss as well — an increasing number of papers are now being produced on the matter, which has triggered additional interest in the wide public. …

How this unconventional method might become the next big thing in the mental-health industry

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“The MDMA assisted therapy allowed me to communicate the truth of my experience while remaining connected to my therapist.” Those were the words of Elizabeth Matthews, in the MAPS Bulletin Annual Report, when she talked about her experience with dealing with a long-lasting PTSD. “Before MDMA,” she argued, “I couldn’t tell my story without being rocked for days by the shame that surfaced in the telling.”

Psychedelics have become a hot topic in the past few years. Due to this fact, today, dozens of personal stories and scientific studies about the effects, both negative and positive, of substances such as…

The hallucinogenic industry is on its way to becoming the new big thing now, as cannabis might no longer help people with mental disorders the way it used to

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Recently, I’ve written a lot about weed and psychedelics. However, I never (until now) managed to get around to write about the connection between them both. Cannabis, in the past couple of decades, had become the savior for many people suffering from different mental & physical conditions, including anxiety, stress, PTSD, glaucoma, and so many more.

The same could be said about psychedelics, as well — numerous studies and personal stories so far have shown that substances such as ayahuasca, LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin (the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms”) have had a positive impact on its users’ health.


How only 10 minutes a day can help you successfully reframe stress

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Today, everyone copes with stress differently. It’s highly individualistic, depending on each person’s traits, emotions, lifestyle, and much more.

Some drink alcohol to the point that they forget about the stress, some start to exercise, others smoke cannabis. There might not be a “right or wrong” tactic for handling difficult moments, that’s why it’s of no use for one person to judge another how she/he is coping.

As long as the “activity” does not cause your health to deteriorate and does not lead to long-term consequences, it is alright. …

Today, the search for meaning at the workplace is at its peak. Here’s how to more easily find it.

Illustration: Kristina Borisova

In order to be the best at what we do at the workplace and to get the greatest satisfaction out of our job, we first need to find the deeper purpose behind it all. Today, however, according to the UK economist Pawel Adrjan, “more than half of full-time workers consider pay to be more important than purpose at work or even getting a promotion.”

Consider this and now ask yourself the next question: “What do I have to change or achieve at work for it to become more meaningful to me?”

Although money is indeed one of the most important…

Viktor Marchev

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